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About : EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis, NLP 
and Courageous Coaching

Imagine If You Could Leave All Of your Negative Emotions and Anxieties Behind You Forever?

If you are not experiencing everything you want out of life,
you may have some energetic blocks stopping you from achieving your goals in life.

We all have these blocks that we carry around. 

We struggle with old beliefs, old behaviour patterns and old anger and pain that seriously limits our ability to live the life 
we truely desire.

What if there was a quick and effective way
 to release these blocks?

How Amazing Would Your Life Be? 


I would like to introduce you to an exciting 
alternative therapy named Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short. 

EFT is one of the most powerful and effective techniques I know. It works on the body's subtle energy system to eliminate the negative emotions that are holding you back.

EFT  is simple and straightforward. It has been used to treat numerous issues and has helped people from many walks of life. 

The beauty of EFT is that it works on pretty much everything, 
whether the issues are emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.

Results are immediate and lasting.

What issues can EFT help resolve?

Beyond treating mental, emotional or physical blockages and straightforward performance issues, EFT has been shown to be effective in working on many issues, including:

  • Academic achievement
  • Addictive cravings
  • Allergies
  • Anger and resentment
  • Anxiety
  • Peak Performance 
  • Body shame
  • Business sales
  • Career transitions
  • Depression
  • Embarrassment
  • Fears and phobias
  • Grief and sadness
  • Guilt
  • Jealousy
  • Loneliness
  • Low back pain
  • Negative thinking
  • Panic attacks
  • Physical pain
  • Fear of Public speaking
  • Rejection
  • Relationship issues
  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Exam anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Weight control

You will experience relief, as you let these burdens go.

EFT can help you to ....

Achieve success
Find a sense of inner peace and well being
Live your life the way it was meant to be
Find longstanding peace and happiness
Have more loving and harmonious relaionships

This technique was developed by Gary Craig in 1990 and originated from acupuncture, kinesiology, and psychology. This wonderful technique has shown amazing results in resolving personal problems, decreasing stress, and restoring life balance.

EFT is endorsed by numerous practitioners in both traditional 
and unconventional fields, including Deepak Chopra, M.D. 
(The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire) and Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. (The Biology of Belief) and many of the teachers in the movie 'The Secret'.

The EFT Process

The EFT  process is surprisingly simple.
 In its simplest form you just focus on something that is bothering you while tapping with your fingertips on 10 easily learned acupuncture points. You will discover that the painful feelings simply drain away. Negative beliefs lose their power as well.

 This tapping serves to balance energy meridians 
that become disrupted when the client thinks about 
or becomes involved in an emotionally disturbing circumstance. 
The actual memory stays the same, but the charge is gone. 
Typically, this result is lasting. 

 Results are immediate and lasting.

The benefits of EFT over other therapies:

  • If you have a problem that is personal or private then EFT is perfect for you. I can help you without needing to know what it is.
  • It often works where all else has failed!
  • Results often start in minutes not in months or years like other therapies!
  • Easy to do!
  • It is stress free and painless!
  • Does not involve pills or medication!
  • No equipment needed!
  • Works on anybody from babies to adults!
  • It does not work on a belief system. EFT will work on the hardest sceptics!
  • Can be done over the telephone or Internet so it is perfect for people with agoraphobia or mobility difficulties!

  • We tend to bury our troubling emotions so deep, 
    that we don't even know that they are there anymore
    ... but they are waiting to explode 
    and wreck havoc in our lives

    Why suffer any longer?

    If you truely want to dissolve your emotional burdens 
    once and for all 
    - this technique will show you how.

    We all know it can be daunting to try something new
    Just give it a try ......  
    All you have to lose is your 
    'emotional baggage and pain'

    I'm here to help you move forward 
    towards optimal health, total well being, 
    happiness and abundance

    EFT is an alternative treatment technique that works time and time again. It is a treatment that a growing list of people swear by. It is even helpful with things that all other conventional medicines and therapies fail.

     Discover a stress free lifestyle with no worries, phobias, cravings, illness, addictions or pain.

     I use EFT in all of my Coaching to help you quickly and easily break through the blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back


    Do you want to effectively and quickly unblock 
    your issues and start living your life to the full? 

     Are you ready to quickly and easily  leave behind unwanted habits and behaviours that prevent you 
    from living the life you deserve.

    To lose weight, improve your confidence,and feel better about yourself professionally and personally?

    If you answered yes to any of the above questions ........

      It could be time to focus internally 

    This is where Hypnotherapy can help 

    - Hypnosis is a powerful way to resolve emotional issues 
    and bring about positive change.

    You may use Hypnosis for 

    - Improving Your Self Esteem
    - Improving Your Self Confidence
    - Weight Loss
      - Stop Smoking
    - Creating a Positive Mindset
    - Life Improvement
    - Motivation
    - Creating Better Relationships
    - Stress Management. 
    - Sports Performance
    - Managing Stress and Anxiety
    - Insomnia 
    and more ...

    What is Hypnosis ?

    Hypnosis is a term which is often mystified, mis-understood, or simply over complicated. It is used to describe a trance like state, however, in reality we all go in and out of mild “trances” every day; those moments when our minds wander and we daydream, when we focus intently on something and block everything else out, or when we “zone out” either in front of the television, or with a book.

    These are all examples of trance like states, and they are all safe and natural. All hypnosis does is put you into one of these mild “trance” states purposefully - with the aim of sending beneficial hypnotic suggestions directly into your subconscious mind.

    Far from being asleep or unaware, hypnosis is a wakeful state where you are both deeply relaxed yet have a heightened level of suggestibility as well as a focused awareness.

    It is because of this this heightened state of mind that you can use hypnosis to make changes to your self beliefs, and patterns of thinking safely and naturally.

     What does it feel like?

    Everyone experiences hypnosis differently, and even from session to session you will have slightly different experiences as sometimes you will “go deeper” than others.

    Typically you will feel deeply relaxed and comfortable while under hypnosis, and as the session continues you may or may not remember all of what is said to you.

    At the end of the session you will return to being your fully alert normal self, you will feel refreshed and energized.


     Are the results permanent?

    Yes, the changes you experience because of hypnosis can and will last with you forever!

    Often people are skeptical because a problem is such a big part of their life - they can’t imagine being fully free from it. Lets take the example of a fear of heights. If you suffer from this phobia it can be very consuming and really influence your quality of life. People often don’t believe that something like hypnosis could cure them of this massive issue in such a small space of time, and that the change could last...

    Look at it from the other way around - often a phobia like this is acquired in a short space of time, perhaps due to very brief, but traumatic event. So just as this one traumatic event just happened to stimulate the right area of your mind to make a lasting (negative) impression on your life, hypnosis works to target your mind to make a quick, and equally lasting positive impact on your life!


     Will I lose control?

    Hypnosis is completely safe, and no, you will never “lose control”.

    You will never experience any negative effects from being in hypnosis and you retain complete control over your experience. You can never be hypnotised against your will and it is not possible to be made to do anything you do not wish to do.

    Hypnosis can be an extremely powerful tool, but it does require openness; your willingness to experience it and that you really want to make a change.


    NLP is the modern science of the mind 
    which is used by leading figures in sport, business, education 
    and politics to achieve amazing changes within themselves 
    and influence the world around them.

    NLP uses physiology and the unconscious mind 
    to adapt thought processes 
    which means that negative habits and behaviour 
    can be changed into positive ones.

    NLP originated as a model of communication 
    and evolved into a framework 
    for achieving excellence in all aspects of life, 
    having proven its success across a variety of contexts, 
    whether it be sales, business management, training, 
    personal relationships or wellbeing.

    NLP tecniques reprogram the mind 
    to create a lasting and positive change 
    in your thinking 
    and all areas of your life.

    With the use of NLP 
    you can take back control of your life 
    by eliminating negative behaviours and habits 
    and installing positive strategies. 

    NLP allows you to reprogram your thinking 
    for positive results, 
    bounce back from everyday challenges, 
    quieten the negative chatter 
    and create a winning attitude.

     NLP can be used as therapy 
    and also to install new skills, behaviours and habits.
    The result is ultimately empowering!

    How can NLP help?

    Everyone has all the resources they need 
    to make positive changes in their life 
    and NLP techniques are used as a tool 
    to facilitate these changes.

    How does NLP work?

    NLP is essentially a tool kit for the mind
    : a collection of cutting edge techniques 
    for clearing the internal obstacles 
    stopping your progress 
    and unleashing your full potential­ 
    to get the results you want in your life -

     greater emotional freedom, 
    empowering beliefs, 
    inspired creativity, 
    fulfilling relationships 
    and rewarding life experiences.

    Our sub conscious plays a big part in change.
     Understanding and clearing beliefs and patterns 
    that do not serve us, 
    can dissolve the obstacles of fear and self doubt,
     and allow us to embrace a life that is more interesting, 
    stimulating and productive.

    Self awareness promotes success 
    as it enables us to identify our true needs,
     align our goals with these needs 
    and utilise techniques to ensure 
    we stay on the path of positive change.
    Using the techniques of NLP 
    you can discover new abilities, strengthen your confidence, 
    enhance your relationships 
    and keep the creative flame alive in your life.

     In my practice, I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique), NLP and Corageous Coaching. 

    I believe in working as quickly and effectively as possible 
    for my clients, rather than convincing them they will have to 
    return week after week.

    I support the principle of "Goal orientated therapy".
     In other words you state clearly at the outset what you would ideally like to achieve or change and that is what we work towards, rather than labouring over many weeks to uncover 
    or re-live past traumas and blockages. 

    We all know it can be daunting to try something new
    Just give it a try

    .... All you have to lose is your 
    'emotional baggage and pain'

    I'm here to help you move forward 
    towards optimal health, total well being,
     happiness and abundance



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