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For Women and Men 
Who Are Ready to Lose The Weight .... Forever! 

 Finally The Easy Way to Lose Weight For Good 
and Never Have To Diet Again

- No Diet Pills or Shakes
- No Kilojoule Counting
- No Deprivation
- No Willpower

. Have you been struggling with your weight for years?

Do you eat when you are not hungry and find yourself sabotaging your best efforts to eat healthy foods and exercise?

. Are you sick of quick fixes that don't work?

. Have you struggled with emotional eating 
and poor body image?

. Do you feel like food is controlling you?

. Do you feel ashamed or guilty about your eating habits?

. Do you find yourself trying to avoid mirrors?

. Would you love to wear a sexy swimsuit at the beach next summer ... instead of covering up with a baggy T Shirt?

I have great news, weight loss does not have to be difficult .....

would it feel like to have a step by step process 
designed to help you create and love your ideal body 
.... without dieting?

What If it was now possible FOR YOU to 'unconsciously' think like a naturally thin person?

Would You Like To Learn :

. Proven weight loss strategies

Easy to implement lifestyle changes

This program is not about dieting and restricting your food. It is about loving your body into shape.

It is about taking back your personal power

Isn't it time to give up the dieting, 
and give up the restrictions 

If you have been struggling with weight gain for a while .... my guess is that deep down you know there are other issues involved.

You Know It's Not Just About The Food

It's the way you react to food, especially addictive foods such as chocolate, chips, biscuits, cakes, bread and burgers. Do you see many people overindulging in salads ?

Would you like to be able to open a bar of chocolate and not have to eat the whole bar ... or just have one scoop of your favourite ice cream ?

You Will Learn:

 . How Diets actually make you fat

 . How to create your ideal Body Blueprint

. How to get clear and confident about your weight loss goals

. The steps needed to make haelthy living a way of life

. The true cause of your weight loss issues

  . How to overcome food cravings and mindless eating

. How to heal your relationship with food
 . How to change your thoughts into ones that support your weight loss

 . What you are really hungry for ? .... and it's not food!

 . How to create a new identity as a naturally slender person

 . How to understand the connection between your feelings and eating

 . How to cope with stress, boredom and other feelings 
without resorting to  overeating

 . How to release patterns of self sabotage

 . How to take inspired action towards a more fulfilling life

. How to create daily routines of self care that will relax the mind and lose the weight

 . How to put yourself on your priority list once and for all by TRANSFORMING your Body, Mind and Soul

. and shift the relationship you have with yourself and your body, from one of fear and unworthiness to one of love.

Hi , my name is Kim Gillespie, and I'm sure like me, you have tried every diet under the sun, from low carb to counting kilojoues, to pills and shakes .... 

How many times have you told yourself,
 "This is it! This time I am going to lose this weight," only to drop out of your weight loss program a few weeks later, totally frustrated with the process.

Or have you lost weight .... 
only to put it all back on again a few weeks later 
... along with an extra 3kg ?


Why Most Diets Don't Work

People often find it extremely difficult to lose weight, 
they try diet after diet but, no matter how hard they try, 
they put the weight back on. 

So what's going on?

Anyone can lose weight on a diet, 
but it's like puling out a weed. 
 .... unless you pull out the root.... it come right back!
That is why you need to get to the underlying issues 
of WHY you are overweight. 
because unless these are addressed and cleared, 
any attempt to lose weight will ultimately fail.

Diets only address the symptoms of overeating, 
like weight gain... 

They don't work at changing you on the inside 

and until the inner you changes, the outer you 
remains the same 

How will you benefit from 
The Slim and Savvy Program?

- First of all you will discover what has been keeping you 
from obtaining the body you desire.

- You will then release all of the limiting beliefs 
that created your current body shape.

- You will let go of emotional overeating
 - You will discover
proven methods to Eliminate Food Cravings

- You will notice increased energy ! 

- You will become healthier

- You will discover ways to get past guilt, shame and self judgement and Release your inner critic forever!

- Your Confidence will soar ! 

- You will become more motivated to exercise.

- You will set up healthy eating habits that are easy to implement in your daily life

 You will make permanent changes at the deepest subconscious level, to create Your new body blueprint


 This is the Kick-start 
to a healthier, energetic, confident, amazing 

This program works , where others have failed,
because it gets to the heart of the problem.

Slim and Savvy is a unique program that gradually introduces you to ways to change your beliefs about food and develop the mindset of a 'slim person', because it's not your lack of willpower that keeps you overweight ... it's your thinking.

Slim and Savvy is about transforming your Body, Mind and Spirit

... and the more you concentrate on changing your inner reality, the faster you will see new results in your outer reality 

The 10 Pillars of Weight Loss

Can you imagine a temple, where the roof is supported by 10 pillars.

What is 3 or 4 of those pillars were knocked over ? 
..... the Temple would collapse

It's the same with a weight loss program 
.... you need all 10 pillars supporting you to achieve your weight loss goals

 Slim and Savvy will give you the tools and techniques you need to mend and reinforce those 10 Pillars of successful Weight Loss 
and keep them standing strong forever !

So What's The Investment?

I have seen similar programs costing hundreds of dollars and in fact 'Slim and Savvy' Individual coaching is valued at $690 and a group workshop is $150.

But because I want to help as many women as possible to finally lose the weight for good. I have put the whole program together as an easily accessible online course for you

Before I share the price with you, 
here is what you receive in the program:

The Program Includes:

- The Slim and Savvy 10 Pillars of Healthy Weight LossCoaching Program 

- Hypnosis Audio - 'Slim and Savvy'

- 'Love Your Body' Creative Visualization Audio

- How to use EFT to help with Weight Loss

- Stress Management Tips and Techniques

- Healthy Diet Tips and Recipies

- Weekly Goal Setting

You can own Slim and Savvy for the low one time payment of $97 AUD

When you consider you may have spent hundreds aven thousands of dollars on diet books, programs and shakes without any long term benefit .. you will find Slim and Savvy to be the most Cost Effective and Permanent solution to becomming slim!

Remember with Slim and Savvy ... there's NO joining fee, NO ongoing payments, NO membership fees, NO Supplements to buy, NO pills or shakes to buy ... in fact there are no other payments required 

This entire Weight Loss Coaching Program 
($690 in value)  
is yours for the low price of $97

 Buy Now

When you click the 'buy now' button, you will be taken to a secure server , where you will be asked to create a username and password.
You will then be able to access your coaching program immediately.
Pillars 1,2,and 3 will be available immediately.
To eliminate overwhelm and to ensure you read and implement all parts of the program, a new module will be available every 
2 days.

Transformation can happen in an instant ....

Just like when a catterpillar turns into a butterfly

Who you were before, 
when you were struggling, 
trying to force your body to lose weight
.... is no longer there

You are the butterfly

You can fly anywhere you want to go !

There Are No Limits !

So what are you worth? 

Don't spend your life wishing you were different and feeling bad about your weight.
Don't let another year go by 
where you make empty promises to yourself.

This could be the most valuable step you could take

Experience The Transformation 
and break free from the dieting trap forever

Click Here to Purchase the Slim and Savvy Weight Loss Coaching Program

Existing Slim and Savvy Clients, 
please use this
link to access your package.

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How to Tap Away Food Cravings - Testimonial

Hi Kim,
Thank you very much for the eye opening experience.
 I found out about the EFT, through an ad in the Bris mag "how tapping on 7 spots can reduce food cravings!" I thought I must attend an information session to find out more about this new technique as I have never heard of it before.
Reading the ad I was very intrigued by how EFT worked and would it actually assist me with my food cravings. The first reaction to the idea of tapping my body to reduce the cravings to chocolate in particular, was "no way" is this going to affect my constant want for chocolate.
It was discussed firstly why we may crave foods, and it's important to recognise why we have food cravings.
Addressing my underlying emotional issues was my first priority, eliminating the stress and acknowledging and accepting the issues was important for the EFT to assist me with my food cravings.
It come to testing the EFT, with a bowl of M&M's right in front of me, to my surprise after completing the simple technique of tapping certain pressure points and expressing out loud the importance of loving yourself and that by doing this I will not have the desire of eating the chocolate that was in front of me. WHAT, I felt no desire to even pick up one M&M and consume it and I love M&M's! What the... I was happily confused. Why do I have no desire to eat them? Every time a packet of M&Ms are open they are empty in no time. Not sure if it was the pressure of others being involved in the process and/or being in the room I was still sceptical of the idea. I decided to try it by myself in my own comforts. 
Craving chocolate on my way home from work I tapped away and it worked again to my surprise. I think when you express things out loud when tapping these pressure points it brings you back to focus on yourself and you actually consider the choices and make good decisions and question is this really what I want. 
All in all I am very interested in this new technique and very eager to learn more. Reviewing my attitude and cravings down the track will be interesting, seeing whether I am still utilising this technique or not.   
What I would have to say though, address the underlying issues and tap them away! These cause the cravings!  
Anonymous Sceptic

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