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Monetize Your Purpose
Goddess Soul Re-Balancing
Design Your Life
Goddess VIP Day
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Welcome, here is your FREE Gift for being a participant of the Ignite Your Mama Mojo Teleseminar

The Savvy Woman's Guide 
to Creating Confidence 
from the Bedroom to the Boardroom

At a party have you ever seen a woman with amazing charisma? 

Or have you noticed a woman walking down the street with self confidence that leaves you in awe?  

How does she do this?

She possess the power of the confident feminine. 
This type of mystique permeates and radiates from women who are anchored in their body. These women do not have to be loud to receive attention from others. Their self worth is not dependent on outside forces

 Would You Like to Be this Woman?

The Savvy woman's Guide to Creating Confidence From the Boardroom to the Bedroom E Book is normally priced at $27.00 but as a Guest of the "Ignite Your Mama Mojo- the Ultimate Toolkit for Working Mums" it is yours FREE

In This E Book You Will Learn:

- The most Common Qualities of a Confident Woman

- How to Change Your Self Image

- How to Create a Vision of Yourself as a Confident Woman 

- How to Step Out of your Comfort Zone

- How to Gain Social Confidence

- Body Language Secrets of a Confident Woman

- How to Read Non Verbal Signals

- How to Start Interesting Conversations with Strangers

- How to Feel Confident in the Bedroom

- How self Esteem and Sexual Confidence go hand-in-hand

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Here are your other Bonuses

Bonus 1. 12 Juicy Tips to Re-Ignite Your Relationship + basic Tantra techniques - just go to my other website to access this report


Bonus 2. In this interview with Natalie from Spirited Women's Movement ,  I will show you how to connect to your juicy feminine sensuality and awaken your Inner Goddess in the Bedroom. Click Here 

Bonus 3.  'The 6 Steps to Fabulous' 

  The Savvy Woman's Guide to Discovering Your 
Life Purpose , Happiness
Getting Your Sexy Back!

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So have a look around my Website, I offer Life Purpose Numerology Coaching, Get Unstuck and Design Your Life Coaching, Get Your Sexy Back Coaching and Healing the Goddess

Let go of your fears 
and give it all you’ve got.

You can spend your whole life worrying about what if’s

….. or you can live in the moment 
and seize the opportunity 
to be the person you really want to be

No one or nothing can hold you back 

Except you

It all starts with a single positive thought

I can do this …. I am worthy 
…. I deserve it

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