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Monetize Your Purpose
Goddess Soul Re-Balancing
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Are you ready to Finally 

Release Your Money Kama

 and Become a Money Magnet?

Tell Me, Does this sound like you?

* You feel blocked around money?

* You see everyone else doing well in their business/life ... and you wonder why you are still struggling

* You are a Smart, Savvy Woman but You are Having the Same Money Struggles Year after Year?

* You are so tired of juggling your finances, and watching your bills and credit card statements pile up each month.

Isn't it time You Healed 
Your Money Kama for Good.


In the 'Release Your Money Kama 

and Become a Money Magnet'

 Kickstart Program 

You Will:

Step 1 ~  RELEASE and HEAL 

your Money Kama

* DISCOVER where your money Kama is coming from and then fully heal and release it

* Uncover life-long patterns that have limited your money-flow

DROP the money baggage thatís been holding you back

* LET GO of feeling stuck and broke

* REPROGRAM your unconscious mind from limiting beliefs around money

SHIFT your Money Consciousness to one of Abundance


* GET in TOUCH with Money Energy, so you can attract more money easily

* CONNECT to Your Self Worth around Money and know it is your Divine Right to receive Money

 * BREAK FREE of your self-imposed "money wall' so your income rapidly increases


* SHIFT your view of what is possible for you

* CREATE an Exceptional, Abundant Vision for your Future

DISCOVER simple techniques you can use to increase your prosperity

LEARN the process to make 'buckets' of money

* FIND freedom and financial flow, even after years of struggle

LEAVE with the knowledge and energy to attract more prosperity into your life

This is a 5 Week One-On-One Program that will help you finally release the 'kama' and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from experiencing more, Money and Abundance in your Life

Your Release Your Money Kama and Become a Money Magnet Program is available in person in Brisbane, Australia or by Skype if you live Interstate or Overseas

Please Email Kim Today or call on 0407747110

to Find Out More 

Kim  is a Certified Money Breakthrough

 Method Coach with Kendall Summerhawk

I spent an hour on the phone with Kim this week. In that time she was able to guide me into identifing a core issue around money for me. The process was gentle, fast and effective and I would recommend Kim as a very intutitive and effective coach or counsellor in any area you require
. Jan-Marie Brooke 

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