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Monetize Your Purpose
Goddess Soul Re-Balancing
Design Your Life
Goddess VIP Day
About Kim


Kim is an EFT Practitioner, NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist based in Brisbane Australia , Kim has a focus on self image, confidence, sex, relationships and abundance.

Where are you?

Kim Consults and runs the Workshops from Hamilton, which is in Brisbane Australia. There is parking available

What hours are you available?

Private Coaching, EFT and Hypnosis Sessions can be booked Monday - Friday 10am-7pm. Kim is also available on Weekends according to Workshop scheduling.

 What happens during a EFT, Coaching or  Hypnosis session?

Kim will begin by taking a brief history of your family, health, and major issues in your life. Together you will then identify the issues you consider are most urgent and formulate a progress plan for future sessions. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

I recommend 3 sessions as the minimum. While it is impossible to predict exactly how many sessions you will need, I find that most people resolve their initial 'problem' in 3-4 visits. Depending on the nature and the complexity of the situation, some have found resolution after only 2 sessions, while other require 5-10 sessions to unravel the old limiting pattern and estavlish a new, more effective one. Some clients return periodically for a 'tune-up'.

How often should we meet?

Different Clients have different scheduling needs based on urgency, availability and finances. Most clients schedule once a week for the first 3 sessions. After that, it might be appropriate to spread sessions out to 2 or 3 week intervals. More than 1 session a week is not necessary.


Please visit the individual Coaching and Workshop pages 
for the costs of each program


All sessions are strictly confidential.

What if I need to cancel a session?

The time of your appointment is reserved exclusively for you. Kim requests that you give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation. You will be charged if you miss an appointment and do not give sufficient notice.

How Do I Book an EFT, Hypnosis or Coaching Session ?

You may call Kim on 0407747110
or click here to Email Kim


You are ready for these life-changing programs if ..

 You are willing to see yourself in a different way. 
No matter how ‘stuck’ you feel right now, no matter how many other things you have tried and no matter what has not worked in the past, you are willing to make a commitment to create a new perspective. 
Coaching will give you a new outlook on life 
if you are truly ready for it.

 You are ready to accept full and complete responsibility for everything in your life, every problem, disappointment, difficulty and challenge. You are the creator, you are powerful and you can create a new life of abundance. 

 You are ready to make yourself a priority in your life. You can’t create miracles for other people and you can’t make anyone else’s life better. The only life you have control over is yours and by transforming your life, you help others create transformation in theirs.

 You are willing to make changes. This goes beyond the ‘need’ for change, you need change or you wouldn’t be reading this. But you must want change badly enough to be willing to do the inner work that it takes to make life-altering, lasting transformation—and it’s all inner work. Your life reflects what is happening in your own heart and mind.

 You are willing to do your ‘home’ work. When we are feeling blocked, unhappy, disillusioned and disappointed with life we wish that God would rescue us, but it doesn’t work that way. What does happen is that avenues for transformation are opened to us, doors of opportunity are created, when we are really, truly ready for change.


. Disclaimer: Coaching services are provided in good faith but the final outcome cannot be guaranteed because it is dependent on many factors, including client beliefs, performance and expectations.  While I have helped many clients, my most successful client relationships are based on trust, faith and positive action. I am here to help you but can only do so to the extent that you are willing to also help yourself.

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