Monetize Your Purpose
Goddess Soul Re-Balancing
Design Your Life
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Monetize Your Purpose
Goddess Soul Re-Balancing
Design Your Life
Goddess VIP Day
About Kim

 Savvy Women (and Men) 
Make Fabulous Money

 Are You Sick and Tired of Financial Struggle?

Are You Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

 Are You Fed Up With Constantly Worrying about Money?

When You Look At Your Bank Account ~ How Do You Feel? Powerful and Empowered ... or Ashamed and Disempowered?


Savvy Women (and Men)
 Make Fabulous Money

Does this sound like you?

* You are intelligent and hard working, but no matter what you do, 
you are still broke at the end of the month?

* You want to achieve a new level of success in your business 
or career, but
something always seems to prevent you 
from making progress towards your goals

* You are
sick and tired of constant struggle and worry 
about money

* You are on  the 'feast or famine' money rollercoaster 
.. .and it's time to jump off

* You have read every book on making money
... and you are still broke?

* No matter what you do, You seem to have been stuck at the same income level forever

* You have guilt and shame around money

You would love to have some extra money to spend on the good things in life ... holidays, nice clothes and massages

If you answered YES 
to any of these questions, 
you are in the right place!

I would like to Invite you to an  Exclusive Day 
for Savvy Women (and Men) 
Who are Ready to Re-Write their Money Story

Everyone has a money story, including you! 

The Question is How Healthy is It?

Your money story determines how much money you earn, 
how you live, what you buy 
and the impact you can have in the world.

So many Women want to Create the Life, Career or Business 
they Desire, but their 'Money Story' stops them every time


When You Know How to Change Your Money Story 

You Change Your Income ... and Your Life!

What if you could breakthrough of limiting beliefs, guilt and shame around money, so you could live the joyful, abundant life 
you are meant to live?

What if you could learn powerful ways to manifest money
 into your life?

What if you could tell a new money story, 
a story that makes you feel powerful, happy 
and confident?



In this Transformational One Day Workshop 
You Will Learn How To: 

- IDENTIFY the Limiting Money Beliefs  that are keeping you stuck at the same income level and preventing you from becoming a money magnet.

- Shine a Light on your Money Story, You will heal and forgive blame, guilt and shame around money

 - HEAL Your Family Money Legacy and CLEAR your Money Kama using the Money Breakthrough Method Process

- Create Your New Money Story and a new set of Money Beliefs so you become MAGNETIC to Money

- TURN ON your Money Tap, so Money FLOWS to you easily and effortlessly

- Create New Money Goals in Your Career and Business

- Learn Money Magnetism and Manifesting - apply the Law of Attraction to Your Bank Account and Invite Money into Your Life

You can Be, Do and Have 
anything your heart 
truly desires for you.

Book into the 
Savvy Women (and Men) Make Fabulous Money
Workshop Today

Saturday 2nd February 2013 

10am - 5pm
Hamilton,  Brisbane

Your Investment only $147

This Workshop is now Full
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This is a small investment 
.... when you consider how this workshop
 can change your financial future forever

Limited to only 10 People 
... so Book Now

If you are not earning the income 
or living the life you really desire. 
I guarantee you have beliefs or thoughts 
that are preventing you from creating it.

.... It's time to Unlock the Doors 
to your Dreams and Desires

This is your life and you deserve to have success 
and happiness

 I guarantee you one thing: If you don't do anything
 to Let Go of the Drama and Change Your Money Story 
- Nothing Will Change


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Money Breakthrough Coaching 
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